Jess Cerra AKA Montaigne on The Chocolate Yogi
I really like that The Chocolate Yogi bars have their own unique flavour and texture.
Jess Cerro AKA MontaigneSinger-Songwriter/Artist
I Quit Dairy Kris Goetz on The Chocolate Yogi
The Chocolate Yogi bars really gives you the melt-in-the-mouth effect. Not only that, the company’s ethics are incredible, the ingredients are all organic, and infused with love and passion. Not to forget their big giving back projects. This chocolate not only tastes amazing, it also changes the world. 
Kris GoetzI Quit Dairy
Naturally Nina on The Chocolate Yogi
The Chocolate Yogi is by far my FAVOURITE chocolate out there! There’s no better feeling than being able to treat yourself to chocolate that tastes delicious, contains only the best of ingredients and plays a part in helping our planet and the creatures we share it with! They even get a big tick of approval from my chocoholic Dad!
Nina GelbkeNaturally Nina
This is our philosophy
Chocolate should be as good for the world as it is for you.
The Chocolate Yogi is vegan and cruelty-free

Vegan & cruelty-free

Our chocolate bars are made from ingredients that do not harm animals in any way, So you can indulge your sweet-tooth with a happy heart.

The Chocolate Yogi is organic and raw chocolate and its healthy

Organic & raw ingredients

We use organic ingredients & low temperatures when we make our chocolate, which means with each bite, you get a boost of clean antioxidants.

Certified Organic


Let’s change the world
The Orangutan Project Logo

The Orangutan Project protects our close relatives, the orangutans, fighting deforestation and creating sanctuaries to stop extinction in its tracks.

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