Caramel Yogi Oatmeal

Caramel Yogi Oatmeal

Caramel Yogi Oatmeal

Serves 1


- 1 cup rolled oats (or rice flakes for gluten free)

- 1 1/2 cup plant milk of your choice

- 1 tbsp flaxseed meal

- 1 tsp vanilla bean powder or extract

- 1 tsp maca powder

- 2 pitted dates, chopped

- 1 The Chocolate Yogi Oscar chocolate

- 1 tbsp soy or coconut yoghurt

- 1 tbsp mixed seeds

- fresh strawberries, mango or any other fruit of your choice for toppings


  1. Bring the plant milk to simmer in a pot, then add the oats, flaxseed meal, mama, vanilla and chopped dates, stirring well
  2. Cook for 10-15 minutes until your oats become thick and creamy
  3. Spoon into a bowl
  4. Decorate with fresh fruit, seeds, a spoonful of yoghurt and the Oscar chocolate bar. ENJOY!!
Recipe by: Janina Gelbke ( @naturally_nina_ )

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