Is vegan chocolate the same as regular chocolate?

The main difference between our vegan chocolate and regular chocolate is that we use organic coconut instead of dairy milk.  Our vegan dark chocolate is exactly the same as any high quality Belgian dark chocolate you can buy, except that it is organic and made with raw cacao beans and raw cacao butter.  Our vegan mylk and vegan whyte chocolate bars are made using all the traditional chocolate ingredients and methods, but we substitute milk powder with dessicated coconut and coconut flour.  We also use coconut sugar instead of white sugar.

What is coconut sugar?

Coconut sugar is an unrefined, natural sugar and is the only type of sugar we put into our chocolate. In comparison to white sugar, coconut sugar is unbleached, unrefined and has a lower GI, which means it doesn’t cause huge spikes and crashes in your blood sugar levels. It also has less impact on the environment because it is harvested in a very sustainable way. Read more here.

What is the difference between cacao and cocoa?

Quite simply, raw cocoa is called cacao. Cacao is not roasted at high temperatures. All of our vegan chocolate bars contain raw cacao which has significantly more health benefits than cocoa, such as:

  • Very high in anti-oxidants (more than blueberries)
  • Highest plant-based source of iron
  • Good source of Magnesium for a Healthy Heart & Brain
  • Contains more calcium than cow's milk
  • Natural mood elevator

    Where do you ship to?

    We now ship internationally!! We recommend if you live overseas (or in Perth during summer) that you purchase one of our no-melt insulation packs with your order, so we can ensure your chocolate doesn't melt en route! :-)

    Why has my chocolate gone all white and chalky?

    This is a sign of good quality chocolate (our vegan chocolate behaves the same as quality belgian chocolate), which has gone out of temper. This simply means that the cacao fat molecules have separated from the rest of the ingredients to make their own pretty patterns. This happens when bars go through big temperature fluctuations (ie. melt) and then re-form.

    They are perfectly safe to eat, but will probably taste better if you melt them and drizzle them over strawberries or some vegan marshmallows. See our blog for more ideas of how to play with melted vegan chocolate. Alternatively, you can return them to the store you purchased them from and ask for a refund.

    I can't find your vegan chocolate in my local store, what do I do?

    • Check our online stockist list for a breakdown of your local stockists.
    • Ask your local to get The Chocolate Yogi in to their store - stores love to hear what their customers want and it also shows them that you want us to be in there as much as we do! 
    • Buy from us online and sign up to our newsletter so you are the first to hear about special offers.

      Are your vegan chocolate bars palm oil free?

      Yes, we do not use any palm oil in our bars and none of our ingredients have any impact on orangutans or their environment.

      Are your vegan chocolate bars fair trade?

      We only work with suppliers who trade under fair trade conditions and we are in the process of getting our fair trade certification, so watch this space. 

      Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

      Our display boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard and are printed with soy based inks. We are currently doing research and development on introducing a compostable wrapper.  We will have these going by the beginning of next year (2018).