Organic, Raw, Vegan and Bean to Bar! 

We have brought together everything we love about chocolate and put it in to ten beautiful bars.  Our chocolate is lovingly stoneground for over 48 hours from organic bean to beautiful bar for ultimate smoothness.  The bars are organic, raw, vegan, and tempered to perfection, and they taste absolutely delicious, just like traditional couverture chocolate (we should know, we are our biggest fans and customers!).

Each bar is handmade by yogis in their little workshop on the edge of the Kur-ring-Gai National Park in Hornsby.  These yogis meditate every day and chant mantras as they create, temper and mould the chocolate, infusing it with peace and good intentions for humanity.  

And for those who are not so in to the esoteric, just know that the chocolate tastes GOOD!  Our intention is to bring you chocolate that tastes as good as conventional chocolate but is free from dairy, soy, gluten and white cane sugar, so you and your loved ones can enjoy a little treat without your tummy lodging any complaints!