Taste (Salute to the Yum!)

Our chocolate might be a little different from the raw chocolate you have tried up ‘til now.  Our chocolate is made like traditional couverture chocolate (minus the roasting) - it is stone ground and tempered which makes a creamy, sweet chocolate with a firm bite that melts in your mouth.

We also play with exciting flavours to tempt tastebuds in to a happier direction.  We see our chocolate as a bridge for those who want to break away from conventional chocolate (which can be quite a tough habit to break!) towards healthier wholefood versions of their favourite treats.  

That's why we have created a series of classic flavours such as creamy mylk chocolate which tastes as much like traditional milk chocolate as is veganly possible, the classic velvety deep dark chocolate which has overtones and undertones and every tone in between (for all dark and mysterious chocolate lovers everywhere), and our frothy toffee chocolate which is like white chocolate with a slight toffee edge, kind of sweet and playful whilst being a little daring.

For those of us who like an adventure (and all island dwelling yogis do) we created our premium flavours.  Check out the infusion of fresh chai spices which brings exotic flavours in to our dreamy chai flavour, the beauteous and much-loved walnutty apple - our spin on fruit and nut - with a hint of autumnal cinnamon to warm your insides, and my personal favourite, salty caramel, which is creamy mylk chocolate filled with unctuous vegan caramel - freshly handmade without preservatives - it is delicious!

TEMPERING – tempering also known as crystallisation, is the process of creating stable crystals in the cacao butter by introducing movement at certain temperatures.  Tempered chocolate has shine and ‘bite’, meaning it snaps when you break it apart but melts in your mouth when you eat it.