"As a health and wellbeing coach, I have a deep appreciation for quality organic foods and I was really impressed with the beautiful ingredients used in Chocolate Yogi bars.  They have such an amazing flavour and I really enjoyed every bite.  So glad to see such a delicious product made with natural ingredients out in the market."  Michelle Slayter, Health Coach and founder of Secrets of a Good Life.

“The chocolate produced by The Chocolate Yogi is like nothing you would have tasted before. It is delicious! I am a long time chocolate lover and sweet tooth and I was not one that enjoyed raw cacao chocolate but the Chosolate Yogi sure changed my mind. It is delicious, creamy and mouth watering. It has a beautiful texture and you can definitely tell it was made with heart. Malindi and Ed bring a warm, exciting and loving energy to their chocolate, which makes it an all round incredible product! Try some you will love it I promise.”  Emma Culver, Vitality Expert and Wellness Coach at Emma Culver

“I tasted The Chocolate Yogi’s beautiful chocolate last weekend. It was made from pure cacao and coconut. Gluten free and lactose free. It was so delicious and unctuous with the melting salted caramel center. I could have eaten a dozen!!"  Joanna Ruckenstein, Chef, Sydney

"The first time I tried the Chocolate Yogi's chocolate, it was so good, I had goosebumps on my arms!  The chocolate just melted in my mouth and was absolutely delicious."  Paras Paradise, Co-founder of Tribe Raw Cacao Parties, Melbourne

"I'm a lover of chocolate, but I'm always having to look at the ingredients as I'm conscious about what I put into my body. When I found out The Chocolate Yogi’s chocs were made with raw organic vegan ingredients and no cane sugar, I was so shocked because they tasted so so delicious! I've never had such amazing flavours without having to feel guilty about it's contents. If you want a treat that's as close to healthy as 'treats' come then you must try this!"  Tass, IT Professional, Sydney 


"One bite and my root chakra opened. Amazing!"  Miroslav Petrovic - Coach, Speaker, and Co-founder of Tribe Raw Cacao Parties, Melbourne.


"Wow.  Chocolate Yogi chocolate tastes absolutely divine, so grateful to have discovered their life changing cacao alchemy!"  Belinda, Alkaline Alchemy Doctor of Acupuncture, Melbourne