So who or what is the Chocolate Yogi?  

Well at the moment that is us!  We are a husband and wife team who share a passion for yoga, chocolate and charity. We aim to raise awareness about yoga, health and nutrition through our delicious chocolate whilst contributing to worthy causes and having some fun along the way! 

So, what is a yogi anyway?  

Great question.  Are we just people who stretch… a lot?  Yes, there is stretching involved, but basically we just do practices that calm our minds down on a regular basis (like every day) which help us to have more yoga (union of the body, mind and breath) in our lives.  It helps us to live in the present moment more and to enjoy life.  Yoga, meditation and breathing techniques have helped both of us a lot, in different ways.  It has brought us a lot of peace and happiness and helps us to deal with everyday challenges with more equanimity (erm sometimes, we're not perfect!).  We both want to share the awesomeness of it, whether via chocolate or through our blog or in other ways.  Look forward to sharing this adventure with you!