Malindi (Creative Director and Mischief Maker)

When our journey began, I was a Community Development Worker, living and working in Tanzania and the UK. I really loved my work because it felt so good to make a direct positive impact on people. But I missed my family. On returning to my homeland of Australia in January 2014, I struggled to find work for six months. Ed and I were running out of money and ideas. In July 2014, I decided to dream big and create positive change in the world by putting two of my greatest passions together - making chocolate and making a difference.

When Ed and I embarked on our journey to launch The Chocolate Yogi we wrote one statement on our whiteboard that summed up what we wanted to do “Chocolate That Changes the World”. It became an intention that we now aim to embody in every aspect of our business.

My three great loves (after Ed) are: nature, amazing food and making a difference. So the shift towards being Vegan was my ultimate expression of compassion to everything I love.

As a yogi, meditation is a core part of what I do and I aim to ensure that positive energy is transferred into each chocolate bar we create.

I continue to be pleasantly surprised and humbled at the expansion of our community of followers online. If you’d like to join them we’d love to see you there.

Ed (Managing Director and King Parrot Whisperer)

I have always loved food, especially sweet stuff. Growing up in England, I have so many fond memories of sneaking biscuits out of the cupboard when my mum wasn’t looking.

Like a lot of people my relationship with sugar wasn’t always healthy. Quite often, I found myself chasing the sugar high and feeling less satisfied with every bite I took.

Then 4 years ago I discovered I was allergic to dairy.   I had no choice but to find a way to cut dairy from my diet. It wasn’t an easy transition for me on top of my cane sugar addiction. And most of the non-dairy chocolate I’d tried wasn’t getting me excited.

So I started to search for new ways to take care of myself and have fun with food at the same time. I started to nourish my body and mind in a way I’d never experienced before through the practice of yoga and meditation. At the same time Malindi started making raw vegan chocolate at home and I found it really satisfied my taste for milk chocolate.

I felt energised by these shifts and wondered how I could share my experience with the world and encourage people to overcome their sugar addiction. With this intention in mind, Malindi and I had a brain wave…. “Let’s create the most amazing vegan chocolate in the world!” so in July 2014 we made this dream a reality and The Chocolate Yogi was born.

Through our business, we started supporting vegan groups and learned more about the animal agriculture industry and its impact on animals and the earth. This inspired us to go from dairy-free vegetarian to vegan in 2015 and we started looking at how we could use our business as a tool to protect animals and raise awareness about veganism. The Chocolate Yogi was re-born as a social enterprise, its goal - protecting the earth with vegan chocolate!

For me, there’s no better feeling than knowing I’m helping people improve their quality of life and that of the planet we share.