You are invited to join the movement and help us spread the word about The Chocolate Yogi, a disruptive, conscious vegan brand that makes chocolate that changes the world!

How we work:

1. We sell ethical, organic, vegan chocolate that does not harm humans or animals in any way.

2. We donate a fixed amount from every bar to a charity that is making a huge positive impact on our world (see our fundraising page for more details).

3. We provide people with a healthier option that still tastes incredible while impacting the world in a positive way.

We have a large engaged following on social media of people who want to make a difference, improve their health, and care about quality and taste.

Our customers are mainly women aged between 16-35 who care about health, plant-based and vegan alternatives, the environment, conscious living and are in to really good food.

Our sales are mainly based in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Europe, but we ship almost everywhere.

We have weekly offers and regular promotions.

How it works...

• 10% commission on the sale value

• AOV over $50

• 30 day tracking cookie period, this gives your referrals plenty of time to make their purchase and you still get the commission.

• Open to custom marketing collaborations

• Ongoing Promotions

• Mobile optimised website

• Option to provide a link or a coupon code

We look forward to changing the world with you! 

Love, The Chocolate Yogi Team