Get Paid To Change The World

At The Chocolate Yogi, we care about the planet, we care about the animals and we care about the people. We decided when we started the company that we wanted to contribute to what we believe in by making chocolate the changes the world.

We donate 10% of our profits to animal charities, including The Orangutan Project. All of our products are certified fairtrade and organic, with a vegan chocolate recipe that is free from the top 8 allergens, perfected to taste like conventional chocolate.

The Orangutan Project is working to protect the Orangutan species in Borneo and Sumatra from extinction. Their habitat is being destroyed by the palm oil industry, loggers and other corporations exploiting the land and contributing to mass deforestation.  Baby orangutans are often left orphaned from the deforestation and die without their mothers. The Orangutan Project rescue these infants and raise them to adulthood in their sanctuary, ready for safe release back into the wild.

We have created our ‘World Changers’ affiliate program so together we can help support them even more and have greater of an impact in the world by:

- Increasing awareness of animal charities like The Orangutan Project

- Supporting our fans in their lives with the opportunity to earn some passive income

- Raising a greater awareness of our ethical, natural chocolate bars


    Earn Passive Income From Chocolate

    By signing up to our World-Changers’ Affiliate Program, you can earn a passive income stream for yourself, whilst making a difference in the world. You can share beautiful, all natural, ethical chocolates with your family and friends.  

    We’ve setup the program to be as easy as possible for you:

    - You’ll earn a 10% commission on the net sales of all paid orders you generate

    - You the opportunity to refer larger wholesale orders from your local cafes and shops who aren't already stocking our product.

    - You’ll receive recurring commission from your referred customers who reorder.

    - You’ll have access to your own World-Changers dashboard to track how your referred orders and commissions

    - We provide you with the banners and marketing material you’ll need to get a greater response.

    - We support you with regular promotions and ongoing product bundles to make it a easier for you to make a sale

    - We have a 30 day tracking cookie period, which gives your referrals plenty of time to make their purchase and you still get the commission

    - Commission payments will be paid at the end of every month via Paypal


    Are you ready to sign up as a World-Changer Affiliate?

    Please complete the form below and you will receive a notification email, with access to your Affiliate Dashboard,where you will find everything you need to get started.

    We look forward to changing the world with you! 

    Love, The Chocolate Yogi Team